Choosing a Spurs Retro Shirt – A Look at 3 Tottenham Football Shirts From Their Glorious Past

The lily-white Tottenham football shirts from the past have always represented the idea of playing the beautiful game the right way. Although it is true that the Spurs retro shirt may not have seen the league success that the team deserved over the years, there is no doubting that the famous Tottenham football shirts from the past have featured heavily in cup triumphs, especially the FA Cup.

The Spurs retro shirt comes in many different styles, depending on the decade, but the lily-white is a constant theme, which is of course why “The Lilywhites” is Tottenham’s second most famous nickname.

Below we look at three Tottenham football shirts from their glorious past, each one commemorating an important part of the club’s history and each one a stylish example of a Spurs retro shirt.

Tottenham 1961 Double Winners
The Tottenham Double Winners 1961 shirt has got to be one of the most iconic shirts in the game, commemorating the finest achievement of the late Bill Nicholson. The team that wore that Spurs retro shirt were as entertaining as they were successful and basically set a standard that all ทางเข้า ufabet football teams have since tried to aspire to.

These shirts are based around a classic design, consisting of the lily-white shirt and a large blue shield featuring the club’s cockerel mascot. These retro shirts are really stylish and are a great way to remember Tottenham Hotspur’s finest hour.

Tottenham 1980’s Kit
This Tottenham 1980’s shirt is a Spurs retro shirt made famous by the diminutive figure of Ossie Ardiles, who joined the club in the late seventies and enjoyed great success as a player throughout the eighties.

These Tottenham football shirts are based around a white shirt with the cockerel logo, which is standing on a football. The distinguishing feature for this particular Spurs retro shirt is the navy blue trim, with the logo repeated in white, which is seen on both the arm and collar of the shirt.