Action Plan For Maintaining Hair Growth While Preventing Hair Loss

Anyone seeking to restore their hair is going to need an action plan that will work best for them. When you are losing your hair, you can’t afford to spend time and money on useless products that fail to work.

This is the main reason why so many people like yourself are turning to see what nature has to offer. They are putting down those prescription pills and over-the-counter hair loss products, and are finding success through natural remedies and many other forms of hair loss aids.

Think about what you are doing to yourself when you are using hair loss products? Not only are you putting your money up for risk on a product you know nothing about, but you are subjecting yourself to a lot of possible side effects.

They can be small and minor such as a headache, or they can be great such as sexual side effects. Really the only safe way possible to regrowing your hair is the ‘natural approach’. So how can you get started on an action plan that will work? Below you will find some needed steps that will get you started on track.

Steps To Take For More Hair Growth

There are some steps to take to regrow your hair and here you will find an outline of them.

Step 1 : You need to avoid hair loss products all-together. As we just mentioned, there are many obvious reasons for doing this besides the price tag of a lot of them.

Step 2 : The second Folexin Before and After 30 Days step involves avoiding the use of commercial shampoos. They often contain a harmful ingredient called Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) which strips you hair of its normal properties and leads you to have thinning hair. Here is the problem with commercial shampoos, at least 90% of them contain SLS. There are however many that you can find that will not contain this degreasing agent and they are well worth your consideration.

Step 3 : Find a suitable plan for regrowing your hair and stick to it for at least three months. Three months sounds like a long time for many people, but really when it comes to getting your hair back, that’s not a long time at all.

Hair grows very slow, about a centimeter or less a month to be exact. So if you are to speed up the process and reverse the balding effect, you need to get your hands on something that will lead you in the right direction.